Mediation Services Testimonials

What people are saying about remote mediation

"Thanks Josh- I was surprised and impressed with the effectiveness of the Zoom procedure and must reevaluate my assumption that “in person” is far superior.

I certainly enjoyed working with you today!" - J.P.

What attorneys are saying about Josh as a mediator

"Thank you Josh for the excellent job yesterday. You earned my clients’ trust.  They commented on how nice and professional you were.  I think you squeezed out all the juice for us.  Hope to see you soon." - R.M.

"Josh, in all seriousness I struggled with how we’d get the value up on this thing and I think today was a really good outcome for these folks. They got me in late, she died so soon thereafter and some of the underlying facts were problematic - and I had to improvise a little bit.  So I am sincere when I say I think you do an exceptional job in mediation and frankly I wish we had met sooner.  My co-counsel thought you did much better than the mediators we normally deal with (there’s no question that’s true) and our clients agreed that you did an exceptional job.  They are happy so I am happy and I appreciate you man.  Hopefully we’ve got many more to go!" - B.C.

"That was an all-star performance today by you.  This is one for the books. I was truly concerned before I got there today. I figured we had a good chance to settle, but not even close to what we got.  Today would have been a good result on a fair to good soft-tissue case, but this was a great result for a bad case. Thanks again." - J.H.

"I am very happy with both the settlement and your services.  I wanted to use you because I am ready for a change from the usual suspects.  Glad I did!  [Defense counsel] told me he was impressed as well, FYI.  Thanks again." - R.L.

“Josh gets it done.  He’s extremely likable and has experience on both sides of the v.  He always makes my clients feel good and goes above and beyond to ensure they understand the process.  He brings a wealth of experience that is invaluable to the process.  You can count on him to be fair, honest and prepared.  I highly recommend him for any alternative dispute resolution you may have.”  - R.B.

"Thought you did a great job.  Getting the plaintiffs to like and trust you I think was one of the biggest factors.  That went well today.  That was a case I wanted to settle no matter what, so I was very pleased with the result.  I really was surprised you got them to go that high.  The jury instructions were also a nice touch. Your receptionist was very professional.  Great job and I’d like for you to mediate a really good case of mine next time." - P.T.

"I'll be sure to use you again. Thanks for your help today in getting this one settled!" - M.F.

"I used Josh Offutt for a case involving complex issues of causation and medical specials. Josh did an absolutely stunning job connecting with my client and her family members who were there to support her. The mediation went incredibly well. Although we were not able to get the case resolved, Josh did an excellent job in helping defense counsel and I chart a course forward to help us resolve the case at a later date. My experience with Mr. Offutt was phenomenal to say the least. I would highly recommend him to attorneys looking to get a true champion to help mediate their cases to settlement." - B.T.

"Thanks for mediating our case yesterday.  I thought you did a great job.  My clients are happy with the results and so am I." - J.F.

"Josh, great job mediating this case yesterday. I really enjoyed it.   Thank you so much for your energy and efforts." - J.K.

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